Commission Structure & Earning Protential – GST Source

We know that you are eager to know how much is the earning potential of GST Source and Which all services you can provide by opening a GST Source So, the list of services is attached herewith along with the commission structure :

Now, the question comes how much you can earn every month?

Let’s say, in the first month a New GSK obtain 15 clients. They all need GST Registrations. You also got 15 clients for their accounting (up to 40 Lakh) & lastly, you got 15 clients who want to file GST returns.

GST registration happens once only. GST return filing is a monthly process and accounting is a monthly process again.

So, if you add new 15 clients every month, it means your GST returns clients and accounting clients are increasing every month.

In the second month, you obtained another new 15 clients, So, in total now you have to do GST returns filing & Accounting for 15+15 = 30 clients.

If you put your efforts to get new clients every month in the same manner, you will have 180 clients in a year.

You can understand this by the following table :

Now, We need to understand that GST registration is only a one-time process means you can charge your client once. It means you will be earning 15 GST Registration clients only each month. GST registration is just one of our 150 services.

But each of these clients has to file GST Returns which is a month to month process. It means if you add new 15 clients every month, after 1 year you will be having 180 clients who will be filing GST returns via Your GST Source. GST return is only one of our 150 services. GST return filing charges 500 INR and your commission is 301 INR.

Also, you need to understand that these clients also need accounting packages which are monthly. Now, consider the minimum accounting package (980 INR) which is up to 20 Lacks, your commission is 490 INR. So, if you do accounting for all those clients, it means you will be doing accounting for these 180 clients after 1 year.

So, you are just providing only 2 Major services to your clients out of our 150 services. Let’s understand the commission structure :

So, you can see for GST Registration, your commission is 1001 INR & for GST Filing: 301 INR.

The following table shows how much you can earn by selling only GST Registrations only by adding 15 new clients every month.

This is clear that with GST Registration only you can earn 15,015 Rupees per month and if you keep on adding 15 clients a month, you will be having 180 clients after one year.

Now, the following table shows, how much you can earn from GST Returns filing :

It means, you will earn 4515 Rupees in the first month because you had only 15 clients but after 1 year, every month you will have 180 clients & you can earn more than 54,180 Rs/month by filing GST Returns.

Total Income by GST Registrations and Returns

You need to understand that, this is ongoing and recurring income that has the potential to grow if you work upon client acquisition. The more clients you add the more you will be earning.

If you add more services and sell those to your clients, you can add more monthly revenue. Here is the full commission structure.

Now, you can understand how easily you can generate recurring income for yourself and for your family.